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3c – Confluent Coaching Center

,The joy of the connection between thought and emotion

the joy of relations based on compassion

and the joy of reconciliation of the self

.and the environment — taken together, create a flow

                                                                      Dr. Oded Ben Menahem

The mission of the Center for Confluent Coaching® is to enable people, managers and organizations to acquire tools for coaching, in other words, for flow and change (transformation). Confluent coaching® is a unique model that reinforces the client’s positive core, creating an experience of transcending and flowing during the coaching process. What is confluent coaching®? Confluent coaching invites people to experience processes of flow in their lives, which create an opportunity to live the lives they desire. To clarify the definition: Confluent coaching offers clients an opportunity to undergo a personal process that boosts their energy and promotes their ability to achieve desired goals in a flow process adapted specifically to the individual and his or her environment.

?What is the confluent quality of coaching

The confluent quality is a special space that the coach opens up within the client. The confluent space is the core of this special coaching process. Confluence means flowing together. In the potential confluent space, we find three flows “together”.

The confluent flow of emotion and intellect

 In order to help clients fulfill their goals, we must first help them get excited about the goals in an authentic and natural sense. Thinking about achievements and results alone is not sufficiently effective. Emotion is needed to promote achievement and place it in the confluential space of emotion and intellect, in other words, the flow. The essence of the process is a combination of activity of the conscious and the unconscious mind, and transformation of the goal-fulfilling processes into a flowing, subconscious process.

The confluent flow of the coach and the client

The potential space in coaching is characterized by observation by coach and client together, each from their own perspectives. Dialogue enables exposure and exploration of the field of thought by retracing its significance, which continues to develop and take on new meaning. If the partners in the process are able to contain all the personal and universal meanings together, within themselves, a spirit of dialogue is created. This produces an enabling, confluent potential space.

Internal and external supportive environments

The third component is the supportive environment (external and internal resources). In coaching we develop consciousness and build supportive environments. The supportive environments are resources that are available to the client and provide an opportunity for his or her flow. The confluent flow in this aspect of the confluent space connects the outside and the inside.

The act of flowing requires direction of the unconscious brain. It is entered through the “feeling” right brain, the imaginative side, which is sensitive to sound and feelings. The tasks of coaching circumvent thought in this brain. Activities such as “focusing,” NLP tasks, guided imagery, situation simulation, voicing positive statements, activities in attention situations and others eventually lead to reprogramming of the functions of the unconscious brain. These actions constitute experiences of flow in processes that usually create anxiety and blockage.

The method of work that accompanies a journey of the client in confluent coaching is unique in that it involves:

A combination of emotional and cognitive processes that focus on actions associated with the right brain (focusing, NLP, guided imagery, work in mindfulness, body work, definition of goals and values, etc.)

The creation of a confluent potential space – a space of special connection between the coach and the client, founded on a relationship of genuine dialogue. It is a space of respect that empowers the client and opens up conditions for “echoing” that affect the unconscious brain and create new internal representations.

The creation of clarity and very dominant internal representations of power situations (the creation of a positive core), enabling perpetual initiation of actions. Implementation based on this commitment leads to change of the paradigm and transformation.

Strengthening ourselves through logical, respectful investigation as a basis for developing a positive core. The basic assumption is that by means of human communication, investigation and discussion, people can promote productive ideas with value for the future, ideas that serve as a foundation for development, change and transformation. By nature, the investigation should be founded on respect in order to achieve flow.

Basing our work on processes of familiarization, creation, and reinforcement that create experiences of flow. In these flow processes the clients become acquainted and create action plans for transformative change, with constant reinforcement.

Basing our work on actions aimed at realizing goals by building a detailed plan of action, constructed in the course of flow processes, which fills in the gap between the desired and the existent and leads to the development of the paradigmatic change.

Integration of supportive internal and external environments in the flow processes, which reduce anxiety and create motivation and pleasure.

Respect and awe for the greatness of the client as a leading value in building the positive core.

Confluent coaching continues for a predetermined period of time (usually 12-14 sessions).

About the Center

The Center for Confluent Coaching specializes in a unique learning program that combines methods from complementary fields, such as coaching, NLP, focusing, Hakomi and body-mind approaches, thus creating a broad worldview.

The Center offers a variety of courses and training programs for the general public as well as professionals, which introduce the spirit of the confluent coaching concept.

The Center trains and serves as a “home” for coaches in confluent coaching.

The directors of the Center, Dr. Oded Ben Menahem and Rachel Ben Menahem, are senior certified coaches with vast experience. They also have a rich background in other methods of personal development, such as Gestalt, body-mind psychotherapy, NLP, Hakomi, focusing and more.

The Secret of the Human Space

Building the Space of Flowing Goodness

The Yearning for Internal Meaning

The connection between mind and emotion

are the hidden source of our activity,

which is expressed in leading, teaching, instructing and coaching

which mean flow

out of a sense of commitment to the human connection from a different position, an energetic, nonviolent connection

that I am in the you and you are in the I.

Rachel and Oded

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